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Youngsters Learn To Code With New Disney Video Game

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PJ Masks Hero Academy is a new video game for the popular PJ Masks kids show on Disney Junior aims to teach children how to code.

The app, which is available today on iOS and Amazon App Stores, takes children through the rudimentary steps of planning, inputting and executing a program.

PJ Masks Hero Academy

The teaching is done as children progress through a series of puzzles. To get from one side of the screen to the other, the correct series of instructions must be entered.

Thi step-by-step timeline control mechanic is designed “to create a more visual, intuitive link between the steps of code and their results than is found in other coding apps". It also offers a customisable difficulty level to accommodate younger players while also keeping more advanced coding techniques available to older fans of the show.

PJ Masks Hero Academy is available today for £4.99.

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