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Williams Family: Creating Family Magic With Skylanders Imaginators

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Skylanders holds a special place in the heart of our household, as the first game that my son and I found we could play together. We've been excited by each yearly release, but perhaps none more so than Imaginators, which brings with it the ability to create your own characters.

Previous versions have always offered limited customisation using the hats collected throughout each game, but Skylanders Imaginators gives our family the ability to customise everything from the armour you wear, to the size of your face and the colour of everything.

All of the original Skylanders gameplay is there for my family to enjoy, with physical toys to collect and bring into the game. These are now complemented by Creation Crystals, which give a physical presence to the Imaginators we create.

More toys means more money to spend on them of course, but all of our old Skylanders are supported by the game. We've always found the toys to be great rewards for good behaviour or good school work, which makes me feel considerably better when I assess the size of our collection.

Skylanders Imaginator Toys

Some families might be disappointed that there's no tablet version of Skylanders this year, but the game is complemented by the Skylanders Creator App. This takes the character creator from the game and makes it accessible on our mobile devices. The app is free and the daily chest unlocks never fail to get my kids excited.

My daughter has always loved any game with that allows her this level of customisation and no doubt she'll soon be asking to buy 3D printed versions of her characters to use in the game. She might have to settle for a character card instead though!

Skylanders Character Creator

Skylanders isn't the cheapest game, but there are very few family games of it's type that are this polished and this enjoyable for kids and adults.


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Wesley Williams