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Video Game Charts by PEGI Age Rating – Sept 30th

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Monday is upon us once more, so it's time for our regular guide to the recent best selling games in the UK, divided by their age-rating. The hope is that these charts will you choose the best releases appropriate for the audience playing them. You might be deciding on a gaming gift for a young family member, or perhaps you need something for an older child who longs for a much-hyped 18-rated release, but should have an age-appropriate alternative offered instead.

Below we've listed the chart-topping titles for the week ending September 30th. What makes these charts different? Quite simply, they are specially grouped by their respective PEGI age ratings, with the three best-selling from each category named.

With four 18-rated games total in the overall top-twenty for the week, there's plenty about for younger players, and families keen to play something together. While FIFA 18 is the overall bestseller, the 12-rated category is again strong this week, with a fantastic online shooter without the usual adults-only content, a sublime Nintendo adventure great played together despite its singleplayer framing, and a fine example of head-to-head competitive arcade gaming reinvented for the living room.

It's worth noting that the ratings below denote content that is appropriate in theme and tone. They don't always indicate the ability or age required to necessarily get the most from the game. A three-years-plus rated football management game, for example, won't contain content that would be disturbing for a four-year old, but it may be too complex for a youngster of that age.

FIFA 18 (PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One)

NBA 2K18 (PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy (PS4)

LEGO Worlds (PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One)

Pokémon Tournament DX (Switch)

Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind (Switch, Wii U)

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Destiny 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (PlayStation 4)

Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One)

Grand Theft Auto V (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Fallout 4 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Data is taken from the Ukie Games Charts 'Top 40 Full-Price Entertainment SOFTWARE' compiled by GfK Chart Track

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