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The Art of Gaming: David Surman and Game Creators

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In this next art of gaming post we talk to David Surman co-founder of Pacinko Pictures who helped curate the Game Master museum exhibition.

As with his work on the Game Masters exhibition he suggests a good way to understand games is through the people who made them. This enables us to consider what the creator has intended in their gaming experience as well as artistic influences that emerge.

The conversation moves from meaning, ecology, art-style and landscape in games. He talks about the games Ico, Shadow of the Collosus and Panza Dragoon Saga.

Here's another interview from the Game Masters exhibit when it was in Wellington, New Zealand.

---- These posts are created in collaboration with the Greenbelt arts festival and family session on gaming, games ratings and the art of gaming. Game Masters was exhibited at the National Museum of Scotland.
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