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That's You! is the PS4 game you play with your phone

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Playing games together in the same space is one of the ways that video-games bring the family together. There are many games on all systems that offer innovative ways to challenge or collaborate with other family members.

The PlayStation 4 has just had a new cost-effective way to play with up to six people. PlayLink lets you connect your mobile phone or tablet device to the system and then use it as a controller.

This means that game developers can make innovative use of the camera, touch screen and motion controls. It also means you don't need to purchase extra controllers.

That's You! is the first game on the PlayLink system and we've been trying it out with one of our families. It's a cross between a family quiz, a board game and a memory challenge. Players are asked questions that test their knowledge about other family members. They also have to do things like match an on screen pose, or draw on a picture of each other to depict different scenarios.

It's a lot of fun and is the sort of game that really can be played with anyone, as you can see in the video here.

More games will be released for the PlayLink system through the year. Details can be found here.

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