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Each month we field all manner of different questions on askaboutgames. Some people have intricate queries about particular games while others want to know which console will be best for their family. Here are our picks this month.

Question: What is TBC rating?

That is a very good question, and not immediately as obvious as some might assume. This is the mark on games that have not had their PEGI rating finalized. You may see this in stores on promotional packaging. You should check retail version for the final PEGI rating.

Question: Will the portal of power from Skylanders Spyro's Adventure starter pack for the Wii work on Skylanders Giants for the Wii U? I bought a couple used Skylander characters: one is level 5, the other level 10. Is there a way to put them to level 1 again?

Answer: The portals are system specific for Skylanders, the Wii version will not work on the Wii U. In addition it is worth noting that you will need a new portal for Skylanders Swap Force this year.

Resetting a figure is a common issue. To reset your Skylanders you can access a menu in the game. This returns them to their shop brought state with no upgrades, money or experience.

Question: I have just purchased Tomb Raider Underworld on Xbox 360 a brand new game with official seal on it, on the box it says its a 16 rated game yet on the disc it says its 12 rated?

Answer: This is an older game before the PEGI mark was the single system in the UK. Although it should still have been rated by one body, this scenario can no longer occur for new games as they are only rated by PEGI.

Question: I just finished Uncharted Golden Abyss (PS Vita) and really enjoyed it. I wish there were more games like it. Also please tell me there are more Uncharted games in the offing for Vita?

There are no announced Uncharted games for the Vita, although some similar experiences are available. Gravity Rush is one example, although others are also available.

Question: I have two boys and they both want to play the Skylanders Giants game. They have two separate games saved. Does the purchases and game decisions in game one affect the saved other games. My eldest doesn't want the younger to play without him because he thinks he looses his money that is saved in his game? Hope this makes sense. It will save a lot of tears.

Answer: Skylanders Giants (and Swap Force when it is released) saves game data in two ways. Firstly your progress through the story is saved to your profile on the console. Secondly the money and experience you collect is saved to the Skylanders figure. This means that while you can have two save files for progress in the campaign, you can't separate progress with the toy characters. If one player upgrades a figure, spending money on a new ability, the other player will also see that when they use the character in their game.

In Swap Force this progress is saved to the top and bottom half of the toy separately though, which may offer a new way to co-operate on progress through the game for families.

Check back next month for more great questions from readers, and our best attempts to answer. If we've missed anything in our responses this month, why not fill in the gaps in the comments. Also, you can ask your questions here.

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