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Family Guide to Biomutant

There are fewer Adventure and Role-Play games in the PEGI 12 age rating. If you have enjoyed Breath of the Wild, Immortals Fenyx Rising or Ghost of a Tale, there's a new PEGI 12 game you may also like to play: Biomutant.

Biomutant is an adventure where you play an animal warrior in a large world filled with mutated animals. Exploring this living breathing ecosystem has the feel of a Zelda game, but in a broken down steampunk aesthetic and with political implications to your actions. It's a game about protecting the creation before it’s too late.

After choosing your character's appearance, attributes and career you head into the world. Through branching storylines you take on missions to heal the polluted tree of life and save the planet, following each of its roots into different realms. In the large world, you encounter six tribes, three want to heal the tree and three plan to go their own way.

Certain areas of the game require certain abilities or customised body parts. As you gain these you get access to more of the large, rich world. Weather and day-night changes as time passes and you can seamlessly explore anywhere you can see in the game. Some of this exploration requires some light puzzle-solving such as limited oxygen supply or barriers that must be circumnavigated.

Family Review of Biomutant (Video Supported by THQ)


Rated PEGI 12 because it features moderate violence to fantasy characters. The majority of the violence is mild and involves fantasy animal creatures fighting with a mixture of weapons and their mutant abilities. There is no sight of injuries and defeated enemies simply fall to the floor. However, there are also a few scenes of more moderate violence involving fantasy creatures, including a character being picked up and repeatedly slammed into the ground and a character being picked up by the throat and strangled.


Biomutant Accessibility options provide some ways to make the game more accessible to play.

The game narrator occasionally describes the action and talks on behalf of the characters you meet. It also offers comic-book style word depictions of combat sounds. There are audible clicks when your gun runs out of bullets.

You can adjust subtitle size, colour, background and opacity. You can scale the head-up display and turn on and off different items: quest markers, damage numbers, enemy indicators, comic book text effects, waypoints. You can turn the compass on and off and adjust whether it orients to your view.

You can opt for the rapid button pressing of cinematic Quick Time Events to auto-complete. When shooting your character automatically locks on to a target.

You can extensively adjust the sound in the game, balancing music, effects, ambience, voice, speech. You can also specify the Frequency of the narrator that adjusts how long the speaking takes.


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