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Family Guide to Mario Party: Age Rating 3

Mario Party Superstars is an interactive board game. Players roll a die to move around a board and then compete in different mini-games to earn the chance to throw again or earn points.

You play as Nintendo characters and take on challenges that make use of the specific hardware the game is played on. Unlike Super Mario Party on Switch,  Mario Party Superstars reintroduces the classic mini-games and boards from the previous games. They are each updated with a fresh lick of paint while maintaining the classic combination of board-game progress and miniature multiplayer challenges.

The favourite mini-games from the series feature. Bumper Balls, Face Lift, Bowser’s Big Blast and Mushroom Mix-Up return. These, like other examples, keep things simple and approachable so that even those who don't play many games can join in and do well. You can even just opt to play a collection of mini-games in the Mt. Minigames mode.

Skill Level

Although very young children might struggle with some of the mini-games, the majority of challenges here are quite simple. You can also team up with adults and kids to share the difficulty.

You can choose to replay simpler mini-games for younger players via the mini-game mode. You can also specify the difficulty of computer players where you add those into the board gaming mix.


Rated PEGI 3 and features occasional very mild violence in a comical or abstract context. Very mild violence occurs during some minigames in which characters can be hit by obstacles or opponents. The characters are not visibly harmed and simply fly off-screen or grunt as stars circle their heads.

A few minigames, and one of the game's boards, features some mildly spooky elements. For example, players may have to use a flashlight to stop a giant ball and chain from coming near them. The overall atmosphere, however, remains light-hearted.

Whether you get the latest version or find a second-hand copy to run on older hardware, Mario Party is a lot of fun for the family, and a great way to spice up board game-style competition.

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