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3 Great Family Games on PlayStation 5

In the first of posts looking at the best family games on each of the new video game consoles, today we have been testing PlayStation 5 games. As you can see in the video here, we had a lot of fun going it.

Astro's PlayRoom (PEGI 7)

This is a great game for families not only because it's a simple fun platform game, but because it's a chance to revisit the classic PlayStation consoles parents and carers used to play when they were children. 

The game uses the PlayStation DualSense controller in imaginative and unusual aways. You will tilt the controller to aim your arrows and jumping. The triggers change in resistance when you pick up a bow and arrow. You can even feel the tightening of a spring in one level as you pull the trigger to get ready to jump.

As much as all this, there are just loads of things to discover and explore. You might finish the levels in a few hours but there will still be loads of fun still to have as you work on collecting all the artefacts and coins.

Sackboy A Big Adventure (PEGI 7)

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is running and jumping game. It's a spinoff of the LittleBigPlanet series and follows Sackboy and three friends as they explore, collect and battle their way through a fantasy world.

Unlike the LittleBigPlanet games, this is a fully explorable three-dimensional world. As you progress you follow a story of the dastardly Vex kidnapping Sackboy’s friends. You set off on a whirlwind caper through snowy mountains, dense jungles, dank underwater realms and even dark space colonies.

We had a lot of fun with this game. If you have enough controllers you can play it with up to four people. But even with a couple of us working together there was loads of co-operation, puzzle-solving and laughing as we played.

Bugsnax (PEGI 7)

Bugsnax is a whimsical adventure where you track, trick, catch and eat anthropomorphic food in all shapes and sizes. But as you do, you literally become what you eat. It's silly puzzling fun from the creators of Octodad.

You play a newspaper reporter exploring an island in order to write about the edible bugs. While there you discover that Megafig has gone missing. To solve the mystery you explore Snaktooth Island trying to capture different species of Bugsnax using a wide range of contraptions. Some use bait to lure Bugsnax creatures, others are traps that spring shut while others are a laser light for them to chase.

This is a single-player game but still a lot of fun in the family. The kids were intrigued by both the story and the funny play mechanic of eating bugs and then transforming parts of your body into them. We became obsessed with trying to find all 100 of the Bugsnaxs.

There are lots more family games coming up on the PlayStation 5, as well as some classic PlayStation 4 games you can rediscover:

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