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Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes is available in the UK from tomorrow (19th September), but we had the chance to test the game early. What better way than to put it in the hands of the people most likely to play it, children.

As you can see in our play-test video below, in the play-set adventure that comes with the game players need to work together to progress through the story. There is more of a challenge this year, but also the ability to specify the difficulty setting.

You can hear one of our young play testers (6) encourage his brother "come on we've done it before remember, we just need to focus." It's the kind of team work that the cooperative side of the game develops.

This two player aspect of the game enables each player to proceed in their own way. One of them may want to explore the city for items while the other takes on the bad guys more directly.

Alongside this play-set adventure, Disney Infinity 2.0 also offers a toy-box mode where players can create their own games using simple plug-and-play tools. It's a little bit like Minecraft and Lego but with a bit more help.

As mentioned in this family review of Disney Infinity Marvel, automated helper characters and items can generate race tracks and terrain for the players to use in their creations. From there a wide array of items can be linked together to create real game logic.

What starts as some messing around play will often end up as a fully fledged video-game. These games can then be shared with the Disney Infinity community. The best of them getting highlighted by Disney.

Some super-creative players even got employed by Disney to make some toy-box levels for them in their offices. It's another way that games can lead to more than entertainment and fun.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes is available on 19th September from £52.99 for the starter pack with additional characters costing from £12.99 and additional play-set adventures from £27.49. The Disney Infinity Toy Box combo starter pack will be available on 7th November.

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