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Featured Image for Haigh Family: SnipperClips Teaches Teamwork

With the launch of Nintendo's new console the Switch, there is an interesting selection of new family games. Our family have become extremely excited about the challenge that the new SnipperClips brings.

SnipperClips is a puzzle type game for 1-4 players, you control characters that are able to twist their shape around allowing them to fit together in different ways, and by overlapping each other you are able to snip and clip parts of of each other away. This allows you to fit into small gaps, hook balloons or even turn into a pin! The possibilities seem endless!


Each level sees you having to try and solve the puzzle at hand. This is where SnipperClips really excels: the fun and challenging game play really gets your brain thinking outside the box, add to that 2, 3 or 4 players all discussing their own thoughts on how to solve the puzzle it really comes to life.


With the colourful characters and paper like theme and especially playing on the Switch screen you almost forget you are playing a video game, and instead are using paper and scissors to solve the problem.


Watching our daughter play this with her friends really has shown me how good this game is at teaching teamwork, each new level has an interesting challenge and each time it seems as if it takes a new perspective to solve it using each players strengths in different ways.

They also need to communicate effectively, otherwise they will get nowhere! And when they solved a problem the celebration is like they have won a gold medal!

I have been so taken with the way SnipperClips teaches puzzle solving and team work I have been discussing it with a teacher friend of mine who agrees that it is indeed a great tool for teaching communication and teamwork as well as puzzle solving and he can't wait to take his Switch into the classroom!

Anthony Haigh