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Haigh Family: Pokémon Go Gets Families Exercising Together

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Back in the summer you may have noticed something miraculous happen to family mobile gaming. Pokémon GO was launched and millions of people download it onto their smart phones and enjoyed capturing those little pocket monsters in the real world. Young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly all came together to play the game.

As a family it really helped us to enjoy our time together more. We found that the walking of the dog was no longer a single person job but we would all go out together and see what we could catch.

Our daughter Pippa who loves gaming has never really been taken with Pokémon games before and absolutely loves it. We had never been out spending as much time together as s family as we have playing Pokémon GO and our dog Hubble has never been on such long and interesting walks as we searched for new places to hunt.

We found some of the best places to hunt down the critters was in theme parks believe it or not! And we even took to searching out Pokémon GO events to attend and met some interesting and fun people we would never have spoken to before PokémonGO.

The summer has now ended and the evenings have become dark and yes the amount we play has lessened as well as the amount of people who play has become a lot less as all the casual gamers who wanted to see what all the fuss was about leave.

However Niantic the creator or Pokémon GO did a special event at Halloween giving extra Candy and Pokémon around and this is just what we needed to get back into the game, and again we were all hooked on trying to catch em all again.

It's a great way to be active as a family, we have literally met and talked to 100's of people we would normally have just walked past and we have learned so much about our local areas as we read the interesting facts about the Pokéstops.

What other game gives you any of that? Ok so it has its faults and it is not going to keep you playing for hours a day but it is a mobile game, it's designed to be dipped in and out of and as long as you play it like that it will keep you entertained! We just hope they keep adding events to keep it interesting.

So tell me do you still enjoy Pokémon GO?


This is a post from one of our Family Gaming Advocates. If you'd like to be one too get in touch!

Anthony Haigh