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Featured Image for Haigh Family: 'I am Setsuna' The Family Friendly RPG

I am Setsuna is a Japanese RPG from Square Enix, originally released on the PS4 and PC, has now seen it ported over to the new Nintendo Switch.

The games is based in a snow bound land full of monsters  and tells the story of a mercenary who has been given the task to kill a young girl who is destined to be a sacrifice to rid the land of evil. However, rather than carrying out your duty, you befriend the girl and promise to protect her on the perilous journey to her sacrifice.


This may not be a game for everyone especially younger children it has a PEGI rating of 7, and is very story driven as it contains a lot of text, and as you can tell the story line is a little dark, so I would suggest it is more aimed at teens or as an entry point into JRPG's. And at this it does an amazing job.


It looks beautiful and clean with some nice visuals that remind me of Final Fantasy, the soundtrack is simplistic but very absorbing and compliments the style of the game well. The turn based battle mechanics work perfectly well and are easy to pick up, with Tech moves taking the place of magic and are very reminiscent of Chrono Trigger.


You are able to complete the story of I am Setsuna in about 20 hours although that will depend on your play style, And that is what makes it a perfect introduction into JRPG's as well as a great addition to the Switch library, As a full game on the PS4 it felt a little short and just not epic enough, but put onto the Switch this game feels perfect, as it is much more suited to a portable device due to its length and art style.

I am Setsuna is ideal if you either want an entry point into a JRPG or want an engaging and enjoyable game on the go. It's a greta place to start and progress onto more complex comes once you understand the JRPG genre.

Anthony Haigh