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Haigh Family: Fast RMX Is Super Quick Racing Fun On Nintendo Switch

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Fast RMX is the first racing game to be released on the Nintendo Switch, and for families it works very well.

A remake of 2015’s Fast Neo Racing for Wii U, this new edition gives the game a fresh coat of paint, adding a handful of additional content while bringing the original’s blisteringly-paced racing to Nintendo’s new platform.


As the name suggests this game is fast! It is very reminiscent of the old PS1 game Wipeout or even F-Zero as you also hurtle around a futuristic track in hover vehicles, but to keep in the running you need to effectively use the boost pads on the ground to propel you even faster.

The trick however is that you need to ensure your ship is the correct colour of the boost otherwise it will have the opposite effect! Thankfully this is simple to do by just toggling the colour with the 'X' button but when they come thick and fast it can be a challenge!

My daughter Pippa has really become excited about this game.

With three modes there is quite a lot to the game! Championship mode lets you play at three different difficulties; Subsonic; Supersonic & Hypersonic each with a total of 10 different cups each with three very different tracks for you to unlock! And with 15 different craft to unlock as well you have a lot to do.


Multiplayer allows you to play split-screen on your Nintendo SWITCH 2-4 players using 4 joy-con controllers. Online play, with upto 8 players over the internet. Local Play allows up to 8 Nintendo SWITCH in the same room to connect to each other! And this is how it's best played believe me, nothing compares to 8 players in the same room all fighting for first place!


The final mode is Hero mode in which 1st place is the only place that matters! And your shield is linked to your boost! So the more you hit the sides the less boost you get to use!

The difficulty seems good to start but increases tremendously. The once simplistic tracks soon start introducing stage hazards – everything from giant walking mechanical spiders to hidden pyro blasts.

With the AI often boosting you straight into a hazard or hurtling into you to knock you off the track, even on the game’s Novice league, Fast RMX presents a big challenge. Although this has a PEGI rating of +3 it is something that smaller players may find difficult and ultimately a little frustrating -- but that does not mean it isn't fun.

My daughter Pippa has really become excited about this game and it seems to have become the game on the Switch that she will choose over all the others. She loves nothing more than challenging everyone to races, and given the amount she has played it she usually wins.

Anthony Haigh