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Finding the right video-games in store can make all the difference and isn't always straight forward. Get it right though and family play time can be something for everyone to come together and enjoy.

To help families, GAME have created a special section of their stores called GAME Junior. This, along with some good advice from their trained staff should set families straight on which games are the best match for them.

Online GAME have commissioned a set of videos looking at how different families choose games and the guidance available like the PEGI ratings on the box. While talking to staff in the store and families buying games the following suggestions arose:

  • Know Where to Start: Read up and try out video-games first hand.
  • PEGI Ratings: Understand and use the PEGI ratings.
  • Play Together: Enjoy games as a family.
  • Problem Solving: Choose games that challenge the brain as well as the reflexes.
  • Ground Rules: Agree some good gaming ground rules as a family.

As described on the Game website, "GAME Junior is the perfect place for children and families that enjoy gaming. It stocks a wide range of games, accessories and hardware for children aged up to 12 years with expert staff on hand to offer information and advice to even the most tech savvy parents. Let your children browse the website or section in store and be safe in the knowledge that they won't stumble across anything unsuitable."

Along with these in-store sections there is also a GAME Junior club. This offers children a variety of fun activities and competition for members to get involved with. Recently this involved a design a Skylander and creative Minecraft challenge.

More Information on Game Junior website.

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