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Featured Image for 110% Gaming Is First Child-Centric Gaming Magazine

A new monthly video-game magazine is being launched next week in the UK, with a difference. This is the first magazine about games specifically for 8-12  year olds.

The magazine will cover all gaming platforms from consoles, to tablets and smartphones. It will also offer video-game related things to do once children have run out of  their daily "screen time limit" and a host of top tips for the latest games.

For parents the key news here is that only age appropriate games will be covered. So this is another great way to connect your family with new games and experience.

To complement the gaming content 110% Gaming will also highlight the month's best (age appropriate) video clips from YouTube as well as funny stories and creative projects. On the cover will be exclusive giveaways and behinds the scenes looks at upcoming games.

Having had Skylanders and Disney Infinity bring toys to life in our video-games 110% Gaming wants to "bring gaming to life" so children can engage with their hobby in a whole new way.

Children will enjoy having their very own gaming magazine and parents will appreciate the amount of reading and engagement the magazine brings into the home.

Source: 110% Gaming magazine.

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